Mac’s heart is away with his wife at war, and he suffers from anxiety and melancholy. He meets Gwen, a lonely shop girl, setting off a series of strange encounters – lost souls, each with their own aches and pains. Mac must confront the truth through conflict, facing his humanity he emerges a changed man.
Writer/Director – Ayyaz Waraich
Producer – Judd Tilyard and Martin Wisniewski
Cast – Stephen Sullivan, Bryan Larkin, Tiffany Browne, Sara Mitich, Allen Bergeron, Kevin Krouglow
Genre – Drama
Runtime – 70 Mins
A hunt for easy money turns into a deadly search for a missing loved one as outsiders confront the evil forces behind a Native American myth.
Genre – Horror/Thriller
Runtime – 95 Mins
Director – Max Perrier
Writers – Matthew Altman, Max Perrier
Produced by – Valerie Gagnon, Max Perrier, Tom George, Alan Rudoff, Judd Tilyard
Cast – Jared Cohn, Ardis Barrow, Victoria Curtain, Brandon Perrault, Nahka Betrand, Tyson Houseman

A bank robbery goes awry and the robbers hideout within a forest, but soon encounter a threat far worse than the police. A battle of survival erupts as the thieves now have to fight for their very existence.

Genre – Action/Horror/Thriller
Runtime – 85 Mins
Director – Neil Mackay
Writers – Neil Mackay, Sean McAulay
Producers – Judd Tilyard, Ayyaz Waraich
Cast – Bryan Larkin, Hugh Lamb, Bob Cymbalski, Robert Nolan, Mark Munro, Damon E. White, Frank Ieraci, Lee Ann Ford

Resnik was imprisoned for butchering a man and kidnapping a young girl. Now, having escaped during a midnight transfer, Resnik is headed back to Moonlight Bay and Detectives Raynor and Molloy have only 12 hours to stop him.

Genre – Action/Thriller
Runtime – 86 Mins
Director – Dru Brown
Writers – Dru Brown, Michael Skelton
Producer – Judd Tilyard
Cast – Scott ‘Raven’ Levy, Kym Jackson, Bruce Hopkins, Ty Hungerford