About Us

Dicentium Films is an independent Australian production company founded by producer Judd Tilyard in 2014, specialising in developing and financing original feature length content.

The company takes an international approach to production with standing relationships in Canada, the UK, Ireland, India, China and Korea. Working with writers, producers, directors and cast from around the world, Dicentium Films is focused on creating original and distinctive stories for global audiences.

Dicentium Films also offers full-range production services from development to delivery, and has strong relationships with local distributors, regional filmmaking services and post-production houses in Queensland, Australia. Our family entertainment division, Running Mantis Entertainment, is currently developing a slate of original and IP-driven content for international platforms.  



Selected by Screen Producers Australia as one of the 2020 Ones to Watch, Liz Tomkins is producer and production accountant, born and raised in regional Australia, who recently returned from living in Canada for the last 8 years, where she worked for companies including and E-One, Seeds Accounting (Entertainment Specialists), Taqqut Productions (the film arm of the first Inuit-owned independent publishing company). She also serves as the chair of WIFT Australia and the Creative Liaison for the Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC).



Judd Tilyard is a producer, executive producer and entrepreneur with businesses in Canada and Australia. His short form work includes dozens of acclaimed short films, including early works from feature directors Michael Craft, Steven Kastrissios, Christopher Houghton, and Ayyaz Waraich, as well as the viral sensation LITTLE WITCHES from Clinton J. Isle, along with music videos for Universal, Sony, Warner Music, Peaceville, Festival / Mushroom and Shock Records.

His first feature, OUTBACK REVENGE (2012), starring WWE Legend Raven led Judd to Toronto, Canada, where he co-founded Dimeworth Films. His feature credits since then include co-producer on FEED THE DEVIL (2015), lead producer on BATTLEGROUND (2012), TO OUR BRIGHT WHITE HEARTS (2016), TWO HEADS CREEK (2019) and CAHYA (2022) and executive producer on ASHES (2016) and SILENT NIGHT (2020).

In 2014 Judd founded Dicentium Films in Brisbane, Australia to develop and produce original elevated genre content for the international market, and in 2018 founded Queensland Regional Film Services to attract productions to rural Australia and support regional filmmaking.